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Residential and Commercial Services

Oasis Property Maintenance is a professional landscaping company offering both residential and commercial services in the Merrimack Valley.   Our professional staff represent a wealth of experience and expertise in all areas of landscaping services from routine maintenance to installation of flower beds and gardens and more.  We maintain affordable prices while guaranteeing reliable clean and prompt service.  We care about your property and it shows.


"On behalf of the L&L of Lincoln Circle, I am giving Cookie the Nobel Prize for finding the greatest landscapist to ever walk the pastures of Lincoln Circle.  My messy lawn was atrocious!
The branch-laden yard was an embarrassment to the neighborhood.  It  looked like a cyclone went through it.  There was enough pine cones to fully cover the grass.  Thank god the FBI wasn't doing their neighborhood check!
 Unfortunately, I am not blessed with a handy husband.  A rake is a foreign object.  Yard work is met with grunts and groans!  I am no better.  So the mess just stayed.
Along comes Bill yesterday and transforms our neighborhood circle to something out of House Beautiful.
The whole process was therapeutic.  One by one he cleaned us out!
Our thanks to Millie for directing  us to the guiding light of Oasis!   Have a nice Sunday."
  - Cleansed Claudia


Oasis Property Maintenance has extensive experience installing and maintaining baseball fields.  We have equipment that is specially designed to rejuvenate and maintain infields for safety and proper drainage. We also provide laying out field measurements for exact individualized field sizes. We can mark them out and cut them with an edger for that professional appearance.

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